Teaching Jobs in Alaska


Teach in Alaska

The 59 school districts in the state of Alaska include 509 schools that serve a student population of over 130,000 students. The schools across the state vary greatly in size with urban schools serving a few hundred students and large cities like Anchorage serving over 2,000. Small rural schools may serve as few as 20 students in different grade levels.

Teachers are often in high demand and various districts often offer incentives for qualified teachers who wish to relocate and teach in Alaska. Teaching in Alaska is quite different from teaching in the lower 48 states. The largest high school is located in the state’s largest city, Anchorage. Other urban cities such as the Kenai Peninsula, Fairbanks, or Juneau will operate with a more traditional school setting. Outlying rural areas which do not have modern road systems such as the Bering Strait School District, require that teachers live in the villages they serve. Sports teams in these areas travel by small plane to events.

Alaska Teacher Qualifications and Certification Requirements

To teach in a public school in Alaska, you will need to have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. You must have also completed or be in the process of completing a state-approved teacher prep program to receive teacher certification. Alaska also requires teachers seeking an Initial Certificate to pass the Praxis 1/PreProfessional Skills Test, the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators, or another competency exam from one of the other states. Once an Initial Teaching Certification is obtained, teachers must teach in Alaska for at least two years, complete the state’s teacher preparation program, and take the required coursework before advancing to the Professional Certificate.

Let us help you find a teaching job in Alaska. We have comprised a list of available teaching positions across the state from the small single schools in Tuntutuliak or Yukata, AK to the larger school systems in Anchorage or Fairbanks. You have a variety of choices based on your certification. Whether you are looking for a private or public school setting, elementary or middle school classes, or want to teach in a subject-specific high school class, we can help you find a teaching job in Alaska that matches your desires and your skills.