Teaching Jobs in Colorado


Teach in Colorado

The 178 school districts in Colorado have an enrollment of 855,482 K-12 students. The 1,914 schools are comprised of public, charter, and online schools across the state. They include instructional programs for the traditional elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. Also included in the system are gifted & talented programs, as well as special education. This provides a wide variety of opportunities for individuals who want to teach in Colorado.

If you have an interest in teaching in Colorado, you have many choices. The state’s largest school is Goal Academy, an alternative and charter school in Pueblo, CO. Denver and Aurora also have some of the largest schools in the state. If you prefer a smaller school setting Silverton, Campo, and Agate, CO are exceptional locations. Opportunities for qualified teachers abound in elementary, middle, and high schools in Colorado.

Colorado Teacher Qualifications and Certifications

To teach in the public schools in Colorado, you will need to obtain an Initial Teacher License. Applicants need to hold a bachelor’s or higher degree from an accredited institution of higher education and complete an approved teacher preparation program. You will need to provide a verification form showing you completed the preparation program at a college or university. Professional competencies in specific subject areas are required and 24 semester hours of course credit in each area must be completed as well. Elementary and special education teachers in Colorado must also pass the Colorado State Board of Education content exam.

Let us help you find a teaching job in Colorado. We provide a list of Colorado schools actively seeking qualified educators. Whether you are looking for a public, private, charter, or online teaching position, we can help you locate the right one for you. We can help match you with positions in larger school districts like Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, or Aspen. If you want to teach in a smaller school district in Colorado, there are plenty of options from Buena Vista to Trinidad, Alamosa, Grand Junction, or Sterling.