Teaching Jobs in Missouri


Teach in Missouri

There are more than 859,000 students enrolled in the 518 school districts across the state of Missouri. Parents have a variety of school settings available to their students. The 6048 school systems are comprised of traditional public schools, public charter and magnet schools, private schools, online learning options, and learning pods. Missouri also has a variety of special education opportunities for teachers.Whether you are looking for a special education, elementary, junior high, middle school, or high school teaching position in Missouri, you have many possible choices.

If you would like to teach in Missouri, there are numerous large school systems such as the Ladue School District, Kirkwood School District, or the School District of Clayton with many possibilities. Other districts across the state include St. Louis to Kansas City. Missouri schools need elementary, middle and high school teachers.

Missouri Teacher Qualifications and Certification

To teach in Missouri, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree program that includes a teacher preparation program. You will also need to pass the appropriate content-area and pedagogy tests. There are alternative routes to teacher certification in Missouri for those who hold a bachelor’s degree but have not yet completed the teacher prep program.

Let us help you find a teaching job in Missouri. We maintain an up-to-date database of teacher openings in Missouri. We can help you find a position in a public, private, or online school in Missouri whether you prefer teaching in a large school setting like Spingfield, Branson, or Columbia; or a small rural area like Osceola, Fredericktown, or Dexter, MO. We can help you find a school setting that matches your qualifications and certifications.