Teaching Jobs in North Dakota

Aerial View of the Tourist Town of Medora, North Dakota outside of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

North Dakota Teaching Jobs

North Dakota schools are comprised of 115 districts, which represent a variety of school options for parents. The state has traditional free public and magnet schools as well as private schools. However, it is one of only five states that doesn’t yet allow public charter schools. While there is not yet a free virtual school option in North Dakota, students’ families can pay for them to enroll in the North Dakota Center for Distance Education. There are many options for teachers across the state. So whether you are looking for an elementary, middle school, or high school teaching position in North Dakota, there are many available choices.

If you are looking to teach in North Dakota, there are several larger school districts such as the Bismark, Fargo, and West Fargo public schools that need qualified teachers. More rural areas like Tioga, New Rockford, Dickson, and Alexander have school systems in need of teachers as well. North Dakota schools provide many options for certified teachers including elementary classroom educators and upper-level subject-specific courses that need to be filled with qualified teacher candidates.

North Dakota Teacher Qualifications and Certifications

Like most other states, to teach in North Dakota, you will need to hold a bachelor’s degree, complete the state’s teacher prep program, and pass content and subject area exams. There are alternative options for those who hold a bachelor’s degree but have not completed a teacher preparation program. North Dakota has a tiered teacher licensing structure that can be upgraded as you gain experience.

Let us help you find a North Dakota teaching job. We maintain a list of current openings in schools across the state and can help match you to a teaching position that matches your certification and skills. Schools in North Dakota need elementary, middle school, and high school teachers. Whether your certification is in a specific subject or elementary education, we can help you find a teaching position that matches your skills and certification.