Teaching Jobs in Pennsylvania


Teach in Pennsylvania

Over 140,000 students attend schools in Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts. Parents in Pennsylvania have a variety of school choices and can enroll their children in one of the state’s traditional public schools, public magnet and charter schools, and full-time virtual school options. For a fee, parents can send their children to one of the 1,400 private schools in Pennsylvania. No matter which setting you prefer, elementary, middle school, high school, private or public school, there are many teaching options across Pennsylvania.

If you want to teach in Pennsylvania, you may consider a teaching position in one of the larger areas such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or Allentown. You may prefer to teach in a more rural area such as Clarion, Lancaster, or Bellefonte. The schools in Pennsylvania provide a number of teaching opportunities for qualified teachers including openings from the elementary level to upper subject matter courses.

Pennsylvania Teacher Certification and Qualifications

To teach in Pennsylvania, you will need to meet certain testing and education requirements including holding a bachelor’s degree and attending a teacher prep program that is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Before receiving a teaching certificate, teacher candidates must pass a battery of exams appropriate to the grade levels or subjects they intend to teach.

Let us help you find a teaching job in Pennsylvania. We maintain an ongoing list of current teaching openings in private, public, charter, magnet, and online schools in Pennsylvania. We can help you find an elementary, middle school, or high school teaching job in Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Philie, Tannersville to Mt. Pleasant. Schools in Pennsylvania have openings for various grade levels and subject specific courses. Whether your certification is for an elementary classroom or a specific high school subject, let us help you find a position that matches your qualifications and preferences.