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Rhode Island serves about 150,000 students across the state’s 32 school districts. There are over 900 schools in this small state. Parents have a variety when it comes to school choice. Most parents enroll their children in a traditional public school, however, they also have other options including 35 public charter schools, online academies, or private schools. Presently Rhode Island only has a couple of public magnet schools such as the Classical High School in Providence, RI. If you want to teach in Rhode Island, there are many options with teaching positions ranging from elementary classrooms to high school.

Interested in teaching in Rhode Island? Some of the larger school districts include the Cranston School District, Woonsocket Public Schools, North Kingstown schools, and East Providence schools. Rhode Island schools provide various school settings including elementary grades, middle and high school courses that all need qualified teaching candidates.

Rhode Island Teacher Certification and Qualifications

To be eligible for a teaching certificate in Rhode Island, you will need to hold a bachelor’s degree from a local accredited university or college. You will also need to complete the state-approved teacher preparation program. Additionally, you will have to pass the PLT (Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching) and the Praxis Subject Assessment related to the endorsement areas you desire.

Let us help you find a teaching job in Rhode Island. We keep a running list of open teaching positions across the state and can help you find the position you are looking for whether it is in a charter, magnet, private, or traditional school setting. Schools from Pawtucket to Warick, West Greenwich to Charlestown, and Narragansett need qualified teachers for their schools. No matter what your certification from an elementary classroom to a subject-specific high school class, we can help you find the teaching position that matches.