Teaching Jobs in Utah

Teach in Utah

Utah’s 41 school districts are comprised of 2,314 schools. Parents have a variety of school choices for their children. Most students go to one of the traditional public schools in the state. There are 130 public charter schools in Utah and a few public magnet school choices. Utah families can also pay for private schools for their children. Students also have the option of enrolling either full or part-time in Utah’s online schools. Some districts have developed their own online school options.

If you are interested in teaching in Utah, some of the largest school districts like Alpine, Davis, Granite, and Jordan school districts provide many options for teachers. Other cities across the state like Monticello, Montezuma Creek, Delta, and Cedar City, UT provide plenty of opportunities for educators. A wide range of grade levels, middle school, and high school courses need qualified teacher candidates.

Utah Teacher Certification and Qualification

Educators in Utah must hold at least a bachelor’s degree, complete the state’s licensure program, and pass all the required content-specific exams. Utah has three licensure levels. Initial Level 1 teaching licenses are issued after completing the bachelor’s and successfully passing the Praxis tests. Utah also issues the Level 1 license to teachers who complete an alternate route to obtaining a teaching certificate, or those who receive reciprocity from another state.

Let us help you find a teaching job in Utah. We maintain a list of current open teaching positions across the state from Tremonton to Blanding and Saint George to Thompson Springs. Our list of openings includes public, private, charter, magnet, and online schools that need qualified teachers. Schools in Utah need elementary, middle school, and high school teachers across a variety of grade levels and subject matters. Whether your certification is for the elementary grades, middle grades, or high school courses, let us help you find the position that matches your qualifications.