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Vermont schools are among the top in the nation. The state has over 1,000 schools serving 122,000 plus students across the state. Traditional public schools are plentiful in Vermont and over 120 private school options. The state is one of five that does not provide public charter schools, but it does have a couple of magnet schools both located in the Burlington Vermont School District. The Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative offers students full- or part-time learning options but it is not necessarily a free option for parents. There are plenty of choices if you want to teach in Vermont.

If you are interested in obtaining a teaching job in Vermont, some of the largest districts like
The Essex Westford, Burlington, and Colchester school districts provide many opportunities. Other districts like the Putney Schools, Hartford School District, and Danbury School District provide teaching opportunities for a wide range of grade levels and subject areas.

Vermont Teacher Certification and Qualifications

To be eligible to apply for certification in Vermont, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree with a major in liberal arts and science. The degree may also be in an endorsable subject. They must also complete the state’s approved teacher preparation program which includes at least 13 consecutive weeks of active student teaching and pass required content exams. There are alternative teacher certification options for candidates that hold a bachelor’s degree but did not complete the teacher prep program.

Let us help you find a teaching job in Vermont. We maintain a list of all current open teaching positions with public magnet, private, and online school options. Our listings include schools from Manchester to Newport, Battleboro to Castleton, VT. Schools in Vermont need teachers at every level from elementary classrooms to high school courses. Whether your certification is for the elementary grades, middle school, or in a high school subject area, let us help you find the right teaching position for you.