Teaching Jobs in Kansas

Teaching Jobs in Kansas

50 school districts across the state of Kansas provide instruction for about 500,000 students. Teachers in Kansas can choose from a traditional public school, public charter school, online academies, learning pods, public magnet schools, or private schools. If you are interested in teaching in Kansas, you have plenty of choices available including elementary, middle schools, high schools, and special education programs across the state.

Those who are looking for teaching jobs in Kansas will find schools of varying sizes including larger schools in areas like Wichita, Kansas City, Salina, Topeka, and Manhattan. There are also teaching opportunities in rural areas like Lindsborg, Eureka, Park City, and Minneola, KS. Student populations vary in the different districts, but all Kansas schools need qualified teacher candidates to fill essential positions.

Kansas Teaching Qualifications and Certifications

You will need a teaching license to teach in any of the 2,165 public schools in Kansas. Earning a Kansas teaching license requires that you hold a bachelor’s degree, complete an approved teacher prep program, and pass the standardized tests for educators. There are multiple tiers of teaching licensure that can be earned over your tenure as a teacher in Kansas.

Let us help you find a teaching job in Kansas. We compile a list of open teaching positions and schools that are actively pursuing qualified teachers to fill those positions. Whether you are qualified to teach at the elementary, middle school, or high school level, we can help you find a teaching position that matches your qualifications and certifications.